Keith Ellul - image courtest of Foto-ish the studio

Keith Ellul was born in 1978 in Pieta, Malta. Born to a family of amateur artists mainly,
writers, painters and photographers. From a very young age, he used to spend a lot
of time in a dark room with his grandfather, who was a keen amateur photographer,
painter, sculptor and most of all writer.
On the other hand, his father Albert, was also interested in photography and used to
walk around with a Minolta at that time. His father being also a sales representative
for photographic equipment, Keith had access to multiple photographic equipment
from a tender age. During his teenage years he was very busy spending his time
doing what mattered most – that is being a teen ager. So all the photography world
was left behind.
It was until 2011 when he bought his first DSLR, a Nikon D3100, when his passion
started to develop.
In 2012 he joined the Maltese Institute of Professional Photography (MIPP) and met
Kevin Casha, it was when his real interest in photography started to flourish. He
attended all the available courses at that time, also looking beyond the MIPP, where
he had attended various courses and workshops with various photographers around
the island.
Keith used to experiment in numerous type and genres. He couldn’t find one single
genre which truly drove him to passion. It was until he met David Pisani, a
highly regarded artist during a workshop where he was given an assignment; he had
to shoot a series of images, which subject/s meant something special for him. It was
this which triggered him to seek what he really loved to do. That is seascapes.
In 2013 Keith started a project of shooting coasts around the island, he developed a
style and he is always experimenting with different filters and techniques.
“A memory not of what I have seen with my eyes, but of what I have felt at that
moment in time.” It is this statement which perfectly preludes Keith’s appreciation of
photography, a love born out of the need to communicate feelings, rather than
sights. Indeed, most of Keith’s works feature coastal scenes because he is drawn to
them – and not just because of their beauty. A childhood spent in close proximity to
the sea has left him with a sense of nostalgia which inadvertently pulls him to it. Like
a seed planted long ago which has come to full bloom through his lens.
Keith yearns to communicate more than just a still moment in his photos. His
knowledge of a particular technique allows him to capture seconds, sometimes
minutes of a moment in one frame. This, he explains, is how you truly convey the
essence and the soul of a place. You see the photo and it feels like seeing the
action replaying itself in slow motion. The effect makes the location seem somewhat
surreal, a scene which seems to find a balance somewhere between the real and
the artist’s interpretation of it.
In 2015 Keith took the plunge and decided to take his photography to another level.
He started competing in various international competitions, mainly The Black & White
Spider awards, where he got his first Nominee in the same year and consecutively
he managed to get 2 other nominee in 2016. Also an Honourable Mention in the
Monochrome Awards of 2016.
In 2015 with the help of Mr. Zvezdan Reljic’ of EDE Books and another nine photographers
and with the collaboration of, he published his first photo book – ‘Beyond the Horizon’
In 2016 he setup his first solo exhibition, with the help of his mentor Kevin Casha, as his
curator and with the support of Continental Cars Ltd mainly Mr. Sandro Cauchi (
General Manager ). The exhibition featured 17 images of his coastal series –
‘Harvesting Light’
His future plans include travelling to UK – mainly Cornwall in March 2017 and
eventually to Iceland in 2018.
His favourite quote from a famous actor comedian – “You can fail at what you don’t
want, so you might as well take a chance in doing what you love” – Jim Carrey

© Keith Ellul 2017