Beyond the Horizon

Beyond the Horizon

 “The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new lands, but in having new eyes.”

The collection of images illustrated in my book are the result of my passion for photography. Beside others, my favorite places to shoot are the coastline, and beaches. I am lucky to live in Malta, an island which, despite being quite small, can boast of interesting locations along its coast. Ever since I was a child, the seaside has been my playground, filling my life with some of my fondest memories. As an adult, I feel that this draw has to do with some sort of wishful desire to return in thought to a former time in one’s life – like a sense of nostalgia. the adventure of reaching remote places, the fresh air and most importantly, finding a peaceful location where I can meditate and practice my passion. Being close to the sea feels like second nature to me. Every time I am out shooting, I pause for a couple of minutes to enjoy the crisp and warm light of the sun emerging once again at its best, and I wonder how many people are in fact aware of the beauty of the sunrise, which occurs every day. This is what I call the magic moment; that mystic feeling when light changes from the moment the sun comes up, and the variety of colors changing in the clouds.  In my photographs I try to pause time; long exposures have the power to let you see a place which you know well, however with a new perspective. For me, a long exposure photo is a gateway to a parallel universe where I can escape briefly from today’s hectic life. Through a lens I can see the world and give a glimpse to the public of my interpretations. In my photographs I try to capture the moment which is special for me. A glimpse in time immortalized by a click. Every seascape I shoot has a personal meaning, beyond the horizon.

Keith Ellul - Beyond the Horizon

Photography by Keith Ellul

Publisher Ede Books, Malta, 2015

Copyright © Keith Ellul 2015, All Rights Reserved

Printed in Italy.

#ISBN: 978-99957-862-1-2

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