One man's trash, is another man's art.

Thank God for a holiday mid week, so I decided to go trekking down to Manikata with my team, it was a real challenge, especially going down the beach, I had to slide down all the way on to the clay mound and down the rocky beach. While shooting an eight minute exposure I was figuring out how to climb back when finished, luckily I found a piece of wood, I used my Leatherman Surge and started tapering the edges and then sawing it in half to use them as climbing picks.

There is no gain without pain, because the pain of regret is that you experience after leaving the place without your planned shot. Down the beach I found a Hankook tire submerged in the shallow water, some 'Gahan Malti' must have thrown it down the cliff. I used it as my main subject, and as the saying goes, One man's trash is another man's art.