Images courtesy of Foto-ish the studio by Charles Calleja.

Harvesting Light


'Harvesting Light' - is a personal exhibition by photographer Keith Ellul. 
This project is not only a collection of beautiful and evocative images of our picturesque coastal areas, but a comprehensive exploration of the photographer’s inner self. The capturing of these photographs provides clear evidence that each and every time Keith Ellul is actually embarking on a spiritual, meditative process that magically transports him to the primordial time when man was gazing in awe at the power of nature. 
The short space of time that the camera’s shutter travels is sufficient to immortalize the unique moment; it allows one to realize how insignificant man is next to nature and creation. It is also perhaps a reminder that the movements of the sun is a strong influence not only on our ambience but also on each individual.

© Keith Ellul 2017